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since 2007

vocal JOSEPH

vocal YUDAI


Formed in eastern Shizuoka prefecture in 2007.

Music style combining hip hop and rock.

In "Melody & rap full of code feeling" born from there,

they are deeply appreciative of my hometown where they were born and raised,

A warm heart-friendly love is full.

Even for the lyrics in which young emotions are stated as if they are life -

I want to pay much attention.


Formed in 2007 by Yuki Shimada, ume ☆, BIG.D.

2008 SEIJI joins

Yuki Shimada graduated in 2010

Joseph joins 2013

2014 ume ☆ graduated

YUDAI joined 2015 SEIJI graduated

BIG.D graduated in 2016

 YUDAI changed to Toco  in 2023


Regular Radio program

Mishima will be the main personality

Mishima's MY HOMETOWN Radio 'MishiRadi'

Every Friday night at FM VOICE Q ~ broadcasting!


Regular TV program

Rediscovering local charm delivered by Mishima

 Music information news program

"MishiRadi TV"

TOKAI cable network

Aomori Cable TV

Cable TV Akita

On air!